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    China Chenxuan Play Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Guangzhou Chenfei Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd is a factory enterprise specializing in the production of large outdoor Play equipment.The main products are large toys, combined slides, naughty castles, fitness paths, children's toys, leisure tables and chairs, water parks, rocking horses, safety mats, trampolines, inflatable bounces, rock climbing, etc.

    Our company has a production workshop and a full-scale exhibition hall; integrating development, production and sales.The company continues to introduce advanced technology from Europe, America and other countries, and its product quality is extremely advantageous. It has the advantages of unique design, novel shape, stable performance, reliable quality, good safety and strong entertainment.

    We have excellent designers, engineers, foreign trade and professional management talents, According to the site plan provided by the customer, computer-aided design can be used to design the most reasonable and scientific plan in combination with the different requirements of the customer.

    Guangzhou,China Chenxuan Play Equipment Co., Ltd.

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    China Chenxuan Play Equipment Co., Ltd.

    A Generally, it costs about 30,000RMB to 100,000RMB, depending on the size and function of your purchase.
    A Preschool education toys refer to the main teaching facilities used by all kinds of kindergartens and early education institutions for children between the ages of 3-8. Preschool education toys are a subdivision of the toy categor...
    A If you do a naughty castle project, you must first have a certain amount of financial support.Whether it is the naughty castle product itself or the venue or other, it is definitely impossible to have no budgetary financial suppor...

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